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Antech SANAS Accreditation Renewed
Monday 20th May, 2013
Following the SANAS Approval Advisory Committee meeting on 16 May 2013, Antec...
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Antech Aquires an Aqualite RO/DI Water Purification System
Wednesday 20th March, 2013
Antech has recently aquired an Aqualite Water Purification System from Aquath...
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Increased turnaround speed of results at Antech Laboratories
Friday 10th February, 2012
Sophie Fis, General Manager of Antech, is pleased to announce that Antech's n...
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  • Fast and competitively-priced service from our convenient location in Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe
  • Expert staff guarantee highly accurate results
  • Almost twenty years experience in the industry, with one of the world's largest commercial laboratories
  • Longstanding presence in Southern Africa